Friday, 22 February 2013

Trout fishing on Youtube

Just been looking for some web site ideas and came accross some excellent videos of exploits up in the hills of Wester Ross. There seems to be plenty of other nutters like me who spend their holidays in tents in the middle of nowhere walking through the wilderness in search of wild trout.

I have photos and film of a number of "journeys to where no man has gone before" to quote from Star Trek and will put these into collections on this blogger site in time. Lost a lot of material last week as virus killed my notebook and had to reset and lose all files on drive, will have some backed up and others on steam driven pc from the 90's.

There may be some videos of drunken brothers singing with John Beer in the Scourie Hotel Cocktail bar but that will not surprise many fellow fisherman.


  1. Best (venison!) pies in Scotland (lol) to be found at:
    Macdonald Bros.
    6 - 8 Bonnethill Road
    Perthshire, PH16 5BS

  2. Did you ever try Ian Niall's white-tailed deer dry fly?

    1. I have used all sorts of deer hair dry flies but my fav over the last 10 years has to be the Stimulater mainly pale in colour but sometimes black if I can get my bro to tie one for me. As Ian Niall says it looks like a loo brush on the surface of the water. Have you tried a Turks Tarantella up here?

  3. Thanks Graham,
    that's interesting!
    No I tie my own favourites - hairy size 6s - will try a Turk's Tarantella though.
    I take it Turks Tarantula with Davie McPhail
    will be fine for pattern?

    Tight lines for 2016, Stu.